Meet the Mavens!

Say hello to our Green Studio curators—Ayurveda aficionados, beauty enthusiasts, and lovers of all things natural. They've chosen their must-haves, not just for the spotlight but for their everyday glow. Ready to unveil their beauty secrets?

Holistic well-being gen-z advocate and Green Studio curator Priyanka with a serene profile picture


Vanish acne! Unleash shine!

Meet Priyanka – Gen Z dynamo with a passion for style and wellness. From the Luxury Industry to celebrity makeup artistry, she effortlessly sets trends. Now, as an Ayurveda enthusiast, Priyanka infuses her content with vibrant, youthful zest. Join her journey for trendy vibes and holistic beauty insights, spotlighting Varnya Acne Vanish.

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Eternal Radiant Ensemble

Meet Kokila, your Ayurvedic well-being companion. As an IT professional and CoHeal ai co-founder, Kokila shares chemical-free skincare secrets. Join her exploration for a holistic approach to well-being and timeless beauty grounded in Ayurveda. Benefiting greatly from Varnya Madhuyashti and Sukeshya Hair Regrowth, discover the transformative journey.

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Holistic well-being advocate and Green Studio curator Smitha with a serene profile picture


Glow and Grow

Crafting vibrant lifestyle narratives, this content creator, food blogger, and entrepreneur seamlessly blends fashion, wellness, and family moments. As a curator of Ayurvedic wellness, her feed is a testament to the art of balancing Ayurveda and sustainable products.

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Beauty aficionado and Green Studio curator Sonali showcasing a radiant profile picture


Silk Strands

Sonali, a financial analyst with a diverse academic background, holding a degree in Hotel Management Services and a Masters in Finance. Beyond her analytical prowess, Sonali is a passionate artist who finds solace in creative expression. Committed to holistic self-care, she trusts Green Studio's Varnya Daily Glow Serum for radiant skin and Sukeshya Hair Tonic for healthy locks. Sonali embodies the balance between the corporate world and artistic pursuits, embracing a lifestyle that reflects her multifaceted interests and commitment to overall well-being.

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