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Radiate Naturally, Shine Brightly

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Step into our realm of natural radiance and holistic well-being where ancient Ayurvedic wisdom meets modern self-care.

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Transform like Priyanka

Banish Acne, Boost Volume

Gen Z girl Priyanka cleared her acne and promotes hair growth. Hence, Priyanka's transformative pair ensures clear skin and dense hair.

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Kokila's Essence

Eternal Radiance

Daily Glow meets Madhuyashti, Kokila's timeless glow essentials. Embrace ageless radiance with her curated blend.

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Silk Strands and Silky Skin

Sonali's Shine Secret

Hair tonic preserves natural healthy hair, Daily glow serum for silky skin. Sonali's secret for ethereal beauty revealed.

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Glow and Grow

Daily Duo for daily hustle

Smitha, an entrepreneur, achieves daily balance with naturally glowing skin and growing hair. The anti-hair fall serum and daily glow serum harmonize her work meetings and travels.

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The Green Studio Commitment

Experience the magic of Ayurveda in every precious drop of our serums and tonics, prepared using exotic, handpicked organic ingredients. Uncap a luxurious indulgence that mesmerises you with its aroma and texture. Give your skin and hair intensive nourishment. You will discover that our products are surprisingly easy to use, making them an unmissable part of your day. Their powerful efficacy renews your skin and restores a healthy shine to your hair. You will notice a visible difference from 8-12 weeks of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queries, Our Answers

Are your products completely chemical-free and natural?

Our products are meticulously formulated with the purest Ayurvedic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and synthetic additives. We're committed to providing you with clean, nature-inspired solutions.

How soon can I expect to see results from using your products?

Our products are designed to promote long-term holistic wellness. While individual results vary, many customers notice positive changes in the overall health of their skin and hair within a few weeks of consistent use. Similar to other trusted Ayurvedic brands, our focus is on sustainable and gradual transformation.

How do your products contribute to sustainability and eco-friendliness?

We're dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint. Our packaging is consciously designed to be recyclable, and we strive to source ingredients in ways that support local communities and protect the environment, following principles similar to renowned eco-conscious brands.

Do you follow ethical and cruelty-free practices in your production?

Yes, we're proud to adhere to ethical standards in every step of our product creation. Our products are never tested on animals, and we are committed to promoting cruelty-free practices in alignment with values upheld by leading Ayurveda and ethical beauty brands.