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Your skin and hair bring alive your personality. They are what nature has blessed you with.

Protect and pamper them through a blissful Ayurvedic indulgence. Experience Green Studio, 
modern Ayurvedic skin and haircare that enhances the restorative properties of powerful botanicals through dermatological expertise. The entire range has been created by a team of renowned and trusted dermatologists practising ayurvedic cosmetology for over two decades.

Every Green Studio product is inspired by the way Ayurvedic potions have been prepared for centuries. They are authentic made with time-tested botanicals like aloe vera, white lotus, brahmi, rose, yashtimadhu, turmeric and many more.

Varnya is our skincare line addressing concerns like acne, pigmentation and ageing. The name spells the results, for it means ‘radiance’.

Sukeshya is our haircare line formulated for preventing hair fall, promoting regrowth and giving you healthy hair. The name means ‘the one with beautiful hair’ and that is you!

You can be assured that our products contain absolutely no harsh chemicals. They are made in small batches so that you experience the full potency and freshness of the ingredients. They are kind to your skin and also to animals, for we never test on them. Our products also come in eco-friendly bottles and recyclable packaging that preserve their goodness while being environmentally sustainable. 

Embrace a holistic Ayurvedic skin and hair ritual that will create a radiant transformation in you. 

Revive your glow!

The Green Studio Difference

Ayurveda translates into ‘the science of life’. It is a timeless form of healing that is increasingly relevant in the modern world. The innumerable treasures of Ayurveda hold the answers to today’s skin and hair concerns. This inspires Green Studio to bring you ‘Ayurvedic Rejuvenation for Today.’  

It blends in with your everyday routine by becoming your skin and hair’s barrier against the impact of weather, pollution, stress, and ageing. There’s no better day than today to start caring for your skin and hair through our expertly formulated Varnya and Sukeshya product ranges. 

Our Promise

Every drop of our Ayurvedic serums and tonics is 100% safe and skin-friendly. They contain a high percentage of potent organic ingredients, because you deserve only the purest care. They are prepared through eco-friendly processes and are cruelty-free. We firmly believe in sustainable beauty that exists in harmony with nature.

Know what's in your serum
  • Profile Picture of Dr.Rachana Shetty in White Background and Doctor's attire

    Dr. Rachana Shetty

    Our Innovator

  • Meet Dr. Vaishali, a key contributor to Green Studio's Ayurvedic formulations profile picture captured in white background

    Dr. Vaishali Valvankar

    Dr. V: Our Glow Master

  • Dr. Dhivyangi

    Our Ayurvedic Alchemist!

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